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Local 905 Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety "House" is a scaled down version of a real house. It's two stories stands 13 ft high, 8 ft wide and 21 ft. long. The miniature house contains 2 different types of window styles, a 10 ft. stairwell to the upper bedroom and balcony. The main features of course are the rope ladder and smoke alarms contained within the vinyl siding and shake shingle roof. The house is set on a trailer like platform that is towed behind a one ton truck.

The "House" is owned and operated as well as having been built by the Nanaimo Professional Firefighters on their own time. Operating capital comes from generous sponsors within the community.

Within this house is a control room that is the heart of this life saving teaching aid. From this control room a fire fighter can control and monitor all strobe and house lights, operate the smoke alarms and a theater quality smoke machine to add realism for the hands on portion of the teaching program.

The program consists of a classroom talk of the fundamentals of home safety, then out to the "house" to practice what we have learned and then back into the classroom for remainder of the lesson and to answer any questions that may have come up during the lesson.

The Fire Safety House program has been running since September 1985 and has proven to be so successful that the school board added it to the grade three curriculum locally.

If there are any questions that you may have please drop us a line:

Nanaimo Professional Firefighters Local #905 Fire Safety House
C/O Nanaimo Fire/Rescue Services
666 Fitzwilliam Street
Nanaimo, BC V9T 3B5
(250) 753-7311



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